Managing A Storage Facility Effectively

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Managing A Storage Facility Effectively

Although the self storage industry is highly profitable, your business might suffer if you make the wrong choices early on. I have managed various self storage businesses for thirty years, and I can tell you from experience how important it is to pay attention to the details. Please use my website to learn more about how to choose a facility to invest in, how you can manage it effectively, and how you can improve occupancy. Storage businesses can be challenging to run, but they don't have to rule your life. If you take the time to educate yourself and make good decisions, you won't have to worry about lawsuits or employee problems.

Using Personalized Water Bottles To Brand Your Business

Carving out a niche in today's saturated market can be a challenge for small business owners. In order to make a lasting impression on consumers that are flooded with information on a daily basis, business owners need to find unique and creative ways to market their company. Using personalized water bottles can be a simple and effective way to make your company more memorable. Here are three tips you can use to successfully personalize water bottle labels on behalf of your small company in the future. Read More 

Want to Drug Test Your Employees? Benefits of Hair Versus Urine Drug Screening

Screening your employees for drugs is a smart idea, especially if they are going to be driving vehicles, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in any other activity where they can injure someone if they are impaired. However, before you screen your employees, you must first decide whether you want to do hair drug screen or urine drug screening. There are benefits to both types of screening methods and learning these benefits can help you decide which makes the most sense for your business. Read More